What a difference a year makes. This year, Boxing Day is gorgeous with blue skies and lots of sun. Last year? Not so much. No, back in 2010 we were in the midst of Blizzageddon. And what a blizzard it was. That storm's two feet of snow was insane, shut down the city for days and took months to completely leave our streets. And it is still costing the city money.

According to the Comptroller's office, New York City has already paid out more than $1.8 million in claims, with the largest settlement—$150,000—going to a man who fell in an "improperly shoveled" city parking lot. And more claims are still working their way through the system like an ambulance stuck in the street.

Unlike, say, Cory Booker, the Boxing Day blizzard is still a thorn in Mayor Bermuda Bloomberg's side—though his aggressive Hurricane Irene response mitigated that somewhat. And though the city's meek response to the storm wasn't enough to get Deputy Mayor Goldsmith to resign (it took domestic abuse to do that) it did hurt one EMS chief and brought us a slew of blame hearings.

And for all the trouble the storm caused, it still had its moments. Snow the day after Christmas makes sense here. Unlike, say, snow on Halloween.