More about everyone's favorite tree climbing troublemakers, the pre-op transsexual, William Rund, and his teenage lover, Christopher Montero. Montero tells the Post they were trying to commit suicide over reaction to their relationship. Montero's mother told the Daily News that she felt her son had been manipulated by Rund; remarking about meeting Run, who Montero told her was a woman, the blind Rosemaire Montero said, "I may be blind, but I'm not stupid. That was no woman he was seeing."

The Times mentions how the incident is giving some edge to Mayor Bloomberg's term: Apprentice wannabe Nick Warnock complained to Mayor B, "'You know, New York's getting better, and cleaner, and safer, but it's losing its character.'" The Mayor disagreed, and then went to his car to see an email about the treesome. He went on his radio show with John Grambling to say that the stunt took away time and resources from the NYPD and EMS, but also added it was "very New York." The couple were charged with misdemeanors.

Music to listen to: Pulp's We Love Life, featuring the song, The Tree.