The Department of Homeland Security cut the yearly antiterrorism budget for the "Urban Area Security Initiative" and New York and DC got the shaft, with their funds cut by 40%. New York City, which had received $207.6 million last year, will now get $124.5 million (DC went from $77.5 million to $46.5 million), while cities like Omaha, Louisville, Atlanta, and Jacksonville are getting more; ost notably, Jersey City/Newark got a 44% increase in funds, for a total of $34 million (probably for port security). Naturally, NY State politicians freaked out, with Representative Peter King calling this "a knife in the back to New York" and fuming, "They have cut $80 million in funding to NYC. Meanwhile, they gave a $21 million limousine contract to the company that was driving pimps and prostitutes around." Now, Gothamist understands that the overall budget was cut and the cities that had been getting lots of money before would take a hit. And, naturally, it's important to make sure cities like Chicago and LA gets the aid they need. But Omaha?

And the most absurd (because it's so galling and insane) part of this whole dance is explained in the NY Times:

New York officials were given a one-page tally that explained, in part, how the region's risk-based standing was calculated. The document said the region had no "national monuments or icons," four banking or financial firms with assets of over $8 billion, 28 chemical or hazardous material sites, as well as nearly 7,000 other possible important, high-risk targets, like hospitals or major office buildings, a tally that some city officials said had major omissions or errors.

"It's outrageous that these bean counters don't think the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge are national monuments or icons," said Jordon Barowitz, a spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg.

Yeah, and the feds have no problem with pointing to Ground Zero and making that the reason why we're fighting a gazillion dollar war abroad. The Daily News shows what's considered a landmark in the cities that got more funding, such as Jacksonville's Alltel Stadium and Louisville's Churchill Downs race track.

Some people were upset when Gothamist called Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff a dumbass last July. Well, the Daily News wants him fired!
Senator Charles Schumer said, "I don't think the president should come back to New York and stand in solidarity with us without changing this formula." Well, we doubt many people want the president here anyway, though, but check out this YouTube vide.