2005_12_11_energyapple.jpgHuh. We knew that the main reason that the city switched all 11,000 odd traffic lights and "Walk/Don't Walk" signs was because the LEDs they used were energy efficient. But we didn't realize how much more efficient (90 percent!), nor did we fully realize that it was part of a much larger plan on the part of the City to lead by example in energy efficiency. Not only that, but apparently, according to the grey lady, the plan is working.

"For people who look closlely at energy, the idea of New york being a callous and wasteful place is long dead and buried ... New York is cearly one of the leaders in the country." David Hamilton, the director of global warming and energy programs for the Sierra Club told the Times.

Beyond the traffic lights, the City Housing Authority working with the New York Power Authority managed to successfully replace over 150,000 energy draining refrigerators from the city's public housing. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The city, by its own laws, can now only purchase the most efficient cars, air-conditioners and copy machines, with computers being added to the list in 2008.

All of which means that you still need to, y'know, try to conserve energy. But now you can be proudly saving energy in one of the greenest cities in the States. Woop!

Illustration uncredited for the New York Times.