bigapple.jpg It's not often that we learn something interesting about New York from the Washington Post, but today we picked up a fun fact about the way our city's population changes during the day:

Overall, New York City grows by the most people during the day, about 563,000. But that's only 7 percent of the city's population of 8 million. Other large cities that experience large daytime population growth include Boston, which expands by 41 percent, and Seattle and Denver, which each grow by 28 percent.

Is it just us, or does 563k people sound like a whole lot less than you would have expected? Given all the people flooding in from Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut, and beyond, we would have thought that our population would swell by at least a couple of million every day. Even when you factor in the people that reverse commute during the day, 563k just doesn't sound right. Thoughts?

Image from Sam Brown's amazing ExplodingDog.