As has come to be expected at marches, participants in yesterday's March for Science put plenty of effort and energy into colorful, pun-heavy and outraged signs. With the participation of a number of scientists, or at least people who frickin' love science, these particular signs skewed towards the nerdier side, with flasks, an "Ohm" pun and the scientific equation for "resistance" spotted among the crowd. There were also plenty of signs about climate change, and at one that shouted out Anita Hill AND the scientific method.

On another note, and this is just one man's take, but bringing signs featuring Rick from Rick and Morty as a representation of how science is awesome seems like a terrible idea. Rick is an egomaniac, a bully, a man obsessed with breaking whatever rules of nature and man stand in his way and he doesn't seem to do that for any reason other than satisfying his own weird desires. Rick is as good a spokesman for "science" as John Wayne Gacy was for clowns. But, again, just one man's opinion.