Tucked into the NY Times' Friday edition was the best photo montage Gothamist has seen in a long time: Nine images of the Mayor in his various chapeaus, from an IHOP chef's hat to a religious "skullcap," from a Department of Sanitation cap to a Red Sox cap (losing the American Conference bet). While the NY Times might have thought it had the appropriate level of fluff for the day after Thanksgiving, we were so worried some of you might have missed the graphic (and accompanying article) about Mayor Bloomberg's headgear that Gothamist took this screengrab. The article was also good for learning more about the Mayor's fashion risks - "It doesn't make sense if you are mulching trees to wear a suit," says the Mayor's press secretary, his advance team will make recommendations, and the Mayor really likes a Yankees pullover. Press secretary Ed Skyler didn't proffer any thoughts as to why people are fascinated with the Mayor's sartorial habits, so Gothamist will take a stab: We get a good chuckle.

Some other reasons why people might be obssessed with hats (besides early male pattern baldness): Two books we read as youths, Cat in the Hat and Caps for Sale. Plus Fashion-Era.com on why we wear hats.

Graphic from the NY Times; the bottom row center photo of the Mayor makes him look either insane or high - it's like a picture from the paparazzi that you'd see in Star