Yesterday, Metro-North trains running through Fairfield, Connecticut were suspended when a suspicious package—which was painted to look like Bender from Futurama, only with clock hands— was found and then investigated by the bomb squad. But it turned out to be a middle-schooler's art project!

The Connecticut Post reported the police statement, "The package has been identified as a school project constructed at nearby Tomlinson Middle School. The owner has been identified. The child inadvertently left the item in the vicinity of the bridge with the intent of returning to retrieve the school project. The account of what transpired has been confirmed. It has been determined that this was an unfortunate accident and there was no malicious intent."

A Department of Public Works employee found the item on the Unquowa Road bridge over the railroad tracks and was concerned enough to call the cops. Chief Gary MacNamara explained, "The bomb dog and his handler came up and they determined it was strange enough to them that they didn’t want to approach it, and once that occurs we really have to call in the bomb squad so they can X-ray it."

Fairfield Lt. James Perez added to the Daily News, "It had an antenna on top like from a building, and sort of looked like the Empire State Building. People were hesitant to get close to it. To have a facsimile of the Empire State Building on a bridge on a Friday—it could be something sinister."

Perez also said the student "was extremely upset."