2006_01_uptownirt.jpgWhile the start of the year means hope and promise for good things to come, it got to a rocky start in NYC:

- A New Jersey woman's three month old baby died on an uptown 1 train. The mother, Leslie Abad, was trying to get Harlem for a New Year's celebration, and noticed the baby was quiet and bleeding and got out at Columbus Circle, screaming for help. The ME's office will conduct an examination to see what may have caused baby Miracle's death.

- A police officer at a drunk driving checkpoint on the LIE near the Grand Central Expressway was hit by a drunk driver. According to reports, Denise Messner skipped a Narcotics Anonymous meeting before drinking enough to have more than twice the legal limit of alcohol (she had a 0.18); the Daily News has a quote from Messner's brother's girlfriend quote: "I saw her drinking, but I don't think it was that much. I make girlie drinks. I made her that Irish cream with milk, and I had an apple martini." Police Officer John Walsh suffered a fractured leg; he had stopped another drunk driver when Messner drove into him.

- And in the first five hours of the day, there were four murders. A high school student died in Queens from being stabbed - he had tried to break up a fight - and another man died in Harlem from a gunshot. And two men were killed outside an Astoria social club, apparently because of an ongoing feud. No arrests have been made.

The city has said, unofficially, that crime has dropped in 2005. While it would be wonderful for crime to continue to go down, some suspect that the city's levels are so low that it'll be hard to keep going further, given the increase in population. But, with the Mayor's pledge to go after illegal guns and the police commissioner's possible mayoral ambitions, it should be interesting.