Gothamist was wrapped up in a little election coverage yesterday, but we did notice the story of the man who tried to seize Governor's Island, the former fort, with just a bag full of diving gear and a flag embroidered with "Blue Tulip Nation." [Also reported by Curbed and greg.org]. This is exactly the kind of thing that gets one arrested, which he was by security guards who found him at 7:30AM near Fort Jay. The 41 year-old revolutionary from Virginia, David Nash, refused to tell police where he entered the water though he did say "I'm here to reclaim the land for the Blue Tulip Nation"; Blue Tulip Nation has been around since 1999, but Nash is the only member. Of course, Nash was taken to Bellevue for psychological examinations. Gothamist loves how Newsday writes, "Nash provided the authorities no more information on the group or his ideologies."

We can understand why Nash would want to seize Governor's Island - it's a lovely place to visit. Check out visits to Governor's Island from callalillie and our own Joe. Get blue tulips from Holland.

Photo at top of Nash from the Daily News; photo below from Joe Schumacher