After giving us the scoop about removing the Astor Place cube for some repair, The Parks Department sent Gothamist a photograph of the removal process. Clearly, if a bunch of ambitious kids wanted to steal it, they would have needed a crane. In the Village Voice's follow-up article, Gothamist learned that the cube's rotating power used to be great: Artist Tony Rosenthal said, "It used to have a bearing inside so it would spin very fast, but we had to take it out because we were afraid someone would get hurt." We also now realize why few photobloggers had evidence of the removal: The cube was taken away between 6-7AM. Darn you, efficient city services, realizing that they couldn't block morning traffic!

Curbed notes how the 48 hour (thus far) absence of the cube "feels like a lifetime," and has this link to a piece in the Villager that posits that many people are upset: "I am shocked and I am horrified."