Apple is livestreaming its September 2017 #AppleEvent today, and in addition to introducing AppleWatches that make calls and iPhones that cost you your firstborn's college education, they made a Very Important announcement: the glass Apple Cube will soon return to its home outside the Fifth Avenue flagship store. Or, rather, the Fifth Avenue flagship "Town Square", because this is Apple's kingdom, and we're merely paying taxes to the ghost of King Jobs so I can do the crossword on my phone.

The famed glass Apple Cube disappeared from Fifth Avenue back in May so Apple could do some renovations on the flagship store. Apple Senior Vice President of Retail Angela Ahrendts announced today that the cube will return late next year, though visitors can also expect some changes to reflect Apple's new "store concept," which involves turning Apple Stores into Town Squares where visitors can "connect" with people by ignoring them to play with the sample gadgets.

Arendts says they'll be "opening up the plaza at the Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan to let natural light in" and expanding the underground level, in keeping with this new square-within-a-city plot. Indeed, the whole side of the street belongs to Apple now—it'll look something like this:

Not sure if getting the Cube back in exchange for a full Apple takeover is much of a trade, but, hey, no one said commodity fetishism was fair.