2006_03_thraxdance.jpgThe Greenwich Village dancer, Vado Diomande, who fell ill because of anthrax exposure made a public appearance yesterday at the Pennsylvania hospital where he is being treated. During a press conference, Diomande thanked his doctors and did a little dance for the cameras. Diomande was hospitalized last month and caused an antrhax scare when he collapsed during a performance. Diagnosed with inhalation anthrax, the Ivory Coast native had a very slim chance of survival, but lives to drum and dance another day.

While Diomande hopes to be dancing really soon, doctors said that he still has "abnormal lung function," probably shouldn't be dancing for a few months, and survived because he was in such great physical condition. The 44 year-old Diomande believes he inhaled the anthrax when he was working with a large cow hide, turning the hide into drums.

For Gothamist, there's a lesson to be learned here. Before we start making drums out of cowhide, we're going to get in shape like Vado Diomande. For Diomande, the lesson he learned was to wear a mask and open the windows the next time he's working. Great! Anthrax for all!

Image from WNBC.com