So much for that: Donnell Bardon, better known as the alleged Ice Pick Stabber of Prospect Park, is apparently a free man once more, having successfully posted his bail on Thursday, a victim who testified against him tells us.

Donnell Bardon, 42, was arrested on Monday on charges of aggravated animal cruelty, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. Park-goers have long feared Bardon, after tales of him and his large, aggressive pit bull began to surface, with several people reporting stories in which their dogs were attacked by his dog—with Bardon allegedly jumping into the fray and stabbing the opposing dogs with a blade or ice pick on occasion.

Janice Brown, a Park Slope resident whose Doberman Pinscher, Brandon, was allegedly attacked by Bardon's dog last Friday, was called to testify before a grand jury on Thursday. After the arresting officers failed to show up, the proceedings were postponed until Monday. According to Brown, Bardon posted his bail and was free to walk. She's disappointed the police couldn't find the time to testify in the case.

"I’d think it would be major thing," she said, referring to Bardon's already lengthy criminal record, which includes firing a gun in the direction of a cop and tying up a former boss. "These guys could have been heroes if they'd showed up and taken this guy off the streets."

David Cobell, another park-goer and the one responsible for taking the photos of Bardon for a flyer distributed around the park, was similarly disgusted by what he sees as the lack of effort on the part of the police.

"They give you a parking ticket, they show up for that," he said. "It just speaks to how badly our police department handles their job."

Bardon's dog is currently being held by Animal Care & Control, Brown said. But neither Cobell nor Brown bear any ill-will against the offending pooch, and hope he receives the care and rehabilitation he deserves.

"To have the dog put down because of this idiot's behavior would be the ultimate wrong," Cobell said.