Bar owners and smokers, meet the Airistar 1000. A sexy little contraption that is as loud as an air-conditioner is being hailed as what possibly brings smoking back to NYC bars, since it can remove up to 99% of the smoke from air. The Airistar website says the $3,500 model "effectively removes dust, smoke, allergens, irritants and chemical/gas contaminants from the air, making it ideal for use in bars/restaurants, schools, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, homes and just about any other indoor location."

In the Post's story about the air filters and how the NY state politicians would like to allow bars to bring back smoking if they have air filters, city bar owners mention how bad business has been since the smoking ban. Gothamist thinks air filters are a great idea, and if they really are this effective, then by all means, they should be installed. But the owners of the Airistar must know someone in Albany - this is awesome press!

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