2006_10_telfair.jpgBoston Celtics player and Brooklyn native Sebastian Telfair continues to deny he had anything to do with Fabolous shooting's outside of Justin's earlier this week. Earlier, the Post reported that Telfair's $50,000 necklace was stolen two hours before Fabolous was shot and a witness heard Telfair call someone "to take care" of it. Supposedly Telfair was just calling to ask for an escort because he was concerned about his and his fiancee's safety - i.e. the call wasn't a hit.

A lawyer says Telfair has been cooperating with the police and turned over his cellphone records. But who knew that some of Fabolous' crew "have been involved in a long-running, tit-for-tat medallion-snatching war with other crews in Bedford-Stuyvesant"?

The incident is making some ripples in Boston. The Celtics said Telfair had to miss the second half of an exhibition game with the Knicks because he has a stomach ailment. But in reality, the stomach ailment was going to the precinct to look at police lineups! The Boston Globe's Shira Springer has an interesting article about the incident ("...commissioner David Stern can enforce all the rules he wants regarding tucking in uniform jerseys, but he can't legislate good judgment or forbid players from wearing $50,000 gold chains when dining out.")

And since the film Marie Antoinette is in release, we direct your attention to the most famous incident involving jewelry - the affair of the diamond necklace.