The Daily News revisits the strange case of Frimcha Hirsch and Elky Stern, two 16 year-old Hasidic girls who ran away from their strict religious enclave in Brooklyn to...Phoenix. The DN notes that as soon as they got on a bus at the Port Authority, they " shed their traditional long skirts and long-sleeved blouses; they ate at non-Kosher restaurants, listened to rock music on their portable CD players, sat and slept among their fellow passengers, men and women." When in Phoenix, they lived in one of the most dangerous areas of the city, managing to get by, but they were armed, as the police later found a dagger and knife in their belongings when they returned to NY. The girls only returned earlier this month, after their parents and local authorities thought they might have been kidnapped.

Stern and Hirsch have not been living with their parents, as it's been rough for both parties. A rabbi who has been consulting with both parents and children says, "Listening to rock 'n' roll music or watching TV for a Hasidic kid is like your parents watching you take your first cocaine. It's hard for the outside world to understand this." And in very reassuring news to Gothamist, Hirsch's mother told reporters, "We were told by the therapist to tell her we love her and be accepting. To start fresh."