2005_01_clinesignals.jpgAfter the January signal room fire at the Chambers Street station that compromised A and C train service, the MTA announced the lines are back up in service. This incident will go down in subway history as the problem that originally was estimated to take 3-5 years to fix, when it seems like it's taken the MTA just under 3 months to fix things to get "25 trains an hour on the A and C lines" during peak commuting times. NYC Transit President Lawrence "Timelines" Reuter said that "engineers came up with unbelievably creative solutions in the ways we wire and use relays over here." So Gothamist would let to give it up for the great subway engineers. Now, MTA, work on making sure the subways' signal room and wiring is up to speed to avoid another incident like this. And make sure there are fire alarms!