More reason to keep every single receipt for at least three months: A Columbia architecture student proved he was not a Critical Mass biker protesting President Bush (and the lack of transportation alternatives) by showing his 2nd Avenue Deli receipt. One August 27, Alexander Pincus was arrested outside the deli, where he had just purchased $96.50 worth of food for his sick girlfriend. He was taken to Pier 57 with hundreds of others. The Daily News reports that while the police "dumped his food, Pincus insisted that they make out a property voucher." The property voucher and another receipt provided by the 2nd Avenue Deli aided in the charges against Pincus being dropped. Ha! Gothamist wonders if Pincus is part of the lawsuit that charges Pier 57 was disgusting, as well as if his smart thinking was aided by watching lots of Law & Order.

The site for the Second Avenue Deli. And Mike from Satan's Laundromat was also arrested on August 27, but he was part of the protest.