tinabrown_big.jpgGothamist Interview has hit its 100th subject. Submitting to Andrew Krucoff's Young Manhattanite Interview is none other than Tina Brown, editor, writer, and now TV personality on CNBC with all those people talking about money and stuff. She even lets everyone know how much the Topic A staff feels Henry, the Gawker Intern, who is tasked with a weekly recap of the show (check out today's recap.) Now, to work on getting Thomas Pynchon for the millionth interview...him, or the squirrel that we say hi to in Washington Square Park.

Andrew Krucoff

There will be more amazing people to get to know through the YMI in upcoming months, seasons, years, but Gothamist asked Krucoff, "Andrew Krucoff, if you were going to give us eleven important moments in the history of Andrew Krucoff's Young Manhattanite Interview, what would they be?" In turn, he emailed back "11 Interview Moments by Andrew Krucoff" (in chronological order):

YMI#2 Chuck Klosterman, Spin Magazine - Day 2 and we were already being accused of media whoring. Awesome.

YMI#7 Daniel Gregory, Artist - He drew some amazing pictures just for the interview and the story of his wife's life-changing injury and their decision to stay in the city made the in "I NY" grow ten times bigger.

YMI#17 Paul Ford, Writer/Programmer - 1) He included an mp3. 2) He may be the smartest person alive.

YMI#27 Claire Cavanah, Toys in Babeland - Great picture and finally a chance to talk about cock rings.

YMI#34 Sam Talbot, Cook/Street Vendor - The Commie chef selling food to drunktards on the Lower East Side. The interview includes my favorite comment to date. In regards to the cellphone being snatched from my hands at Sam's stand, someone responded "Come to BKLYN and get robbed for a quarter!!!"

YMI#41 Tom Vaught, Bartender - Confession time. I got lazy with gathering interviews and for the first time I found myself on a Sunday night with nothing to publish the next day. I went to The Magician on Rivington at midnight and it took me an hour and four beers to finally ask him to do it.

YMI#50 Clay Shirky, Internet Technologist - By far the most linked to interview so far. Weblogs in Russia are talking about it! This one deserves to be printed as a pamphlet and distributed at all points of entry to the city.

YMI#60 Laurie Woolever, Cook/Food Writer - Laurie was one of the first to publicly speak out against "that fucking ice cream truck song." The issue remains one of the hottest buttons today. Bloomberg's re-election might depend on it.

YMI#72 Dana Cowin, Food & Wine Magazine - Anonymous nasty comments were enough to turn them off for good. There's definitely a place on weblogs for rude anonymous comments and pointless personal attacks, but it's not in this interview feature. [Ed.: Besides, we have the forums where you can also comment.]

YMI#76 Chris Eigeman, Actor - Holy crap, a real actor...who's been in movies!!

YMI#96 Michael Musto, Village Voice - Hilarious. A
true New York legend, where "legend" might just be a euphemism for OLD. Book deal pending.

Thank you, Andrew, for 100 wonderful interviews...here's to 900 million more! Andrew also reveals more of his process and thoughts at The Other Page.

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