2005_09_anthonyweinerconcedes.jpgAnthony Weiner's concession of the Democratic mayoral primary to Fernando Ferrer isn't as smooth sailing as thought: The city will still have to hold a runoff if Ferrer's votes are still under 40%. Gothamist bets his campaign workers are wishing they made it out to a couple more neighborhoods to rouse voters! Showing its true colors, the Post sharpens its knives and says Weiner's decision "could cost the city $12 million" - the amount a runoff would cost. The NY Times says that Weiner decided to concede on his own, with no promises from the Ferrer campaign; the Times notes that Ferrer is currently "cautious" about this apparent turn of fortune.

What's sad is that only one in six registered Democrats voted. Those other five in six Democrats can't all be Democrats for Bloomberg...can they?