An email from the office of New York City’s Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum asked, “What sort of stuff do you guys generally look for from elected officials?” You never know until you see it, but this is definitely it: the Public Advocate Community Van, which was donated to the office by Keyspan and pimped out by a local artist.

Gotbaum will be using her new ride to promote the Children's Health and Wellness Tour; which she’ll take to all five boroughs and provide free health screenings to raise awareness about childhood obesity. To lure the kiddies, the van will be stocked with coloring books and they’ll raffling off swag to promote childhood health: water bottles, jump ropes, Odwalla bars, flying discs, NYC paintball games to encourage exercise, and baseball paraphernalia donated by the Mets and Yankees.

Per the press release, Gotbaum’s office is "hoping that it will attract kids to get screenings – and help promote [the Public Advocate’s] focus on children with its eye-catching colors."