City Councilwoman Gale Brewer is introducing an intriguing bill: Business owners would be fined if they keep their windows or doors open while the air-conditioning is on. The NY Sun reports that the bill would "make it illegal for windows to be open while an air conditioner is operating and would require all doors to be closed except to allow people to enter or exit a building." The fine would be $200 per open window or door!

Brewer says many of her constituents wonder why businesses with the AC running leave their doors are open. Even though she knows that businesses leave their doors open to attract customers (because opening a door is a big obstacle), Brewer calls the practice "an environmental issue." Partnership for New York City president Kathryn Wylde thinks the bill's aim is true, but that it'll add too much bureaucracy.

The problem is that it's unclear how the law would actually be enforced. Maybe New Yorkers will have to be deputized to report open windows and doors, just like they should report dog owners who don't scoop dog poop.

Do you think this bill should be passed? Or should the city think of other ways to limit electricity consumption. And this photograph is from Michele Howley's Cool Props project. Oh, Goya, yes!