So, Gothamist was checking out the listing for the $70 million co-op at the Pierre Hotel (via Curbed), and there maybe be a staircase that looks like something out of a castle and dazzling views of the city only the rich can buy, Gothamist wants to know this: Is there a panic room in the house? We would imagine that $70 million should buy you a panic pied a terre, let alone a room.

Panic Room, the movie, has been called a member of the "Manhattan luxury real estate thriller" genre by A.O. Scott, who also include Single White Female and Rosemary's Baby in it...plus Eyes Wide Shut, even though these NYC apartments were figments of Kubrick's mind. Gothamist would like to add Ransom, Sliver, and Laura. For the less luxury but still scary apartments, Gothamist recommends Wait Until Dark and the NYC apartment movie thriller to end all NYC apartment thrillers, Rear Window.