It's the day before Turkey Time, which is one of the two busiest travel days of the year (the other? The Sunday after Thanksgiving), as millions hit the road to see family and friends—or get away from family and friends. The AAA estimates "42.5 million Americans are expected to travel 50 miles or more during the holiday weekend," up 4% from last year. The Port Authority says five million will be using its bridges, tunnels and airports.

Traffic guru and former NYC official Sam Schwartz Tweeted today, "Gridlock Alert Day today!! Every major road and crossing jammed later this pm" and told WCBS 2, "This may be one of the worst times we’ve seen in a long time... We’re up over last year, we’re up over the year before. So we may see record traffic volumes at all the bridges and tunnels leading away from the city." He also Tweeted, "Welcome to the biggest travel day of the year. Gonna be a miserable day all around, esp given the weather" and "The elements could have severe impact on air travel and traffic on roads. Safe travels everyone."

Accuweather says of Northeast weather, "A potent storm with its soaking rain, snow and gusty winds is impacting the Northeast at the most inopportune time for holiday travelers. The snow is clogging roads across upstate New York and northern New England, while rain soaks southern New England. The steadiest rain will depart during the midday hours. However, gusty winds will remain problematic for air travelers at most of the Northeast's major airports."

Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North and NJ Transit are offering more trains during this weekend. Still, try to remain calm among your fellow travelers at Grand Central and Penn Station—punching someone isn't going to get you there faster even if you think it'll make you feel better.