After digging into a big meal, Americans traditionally like watching a competitive football (if not waiting for Black Friday deals). However, last night, the New York Jets treated America to a circus act, by giving up three touchdown to the New England Patriots in 52 seconds. Most spectacularly, there was a touchdown where Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez ran into the butt of fellow Jet Brandon Moore, fumbling the ball. Watch it!

Even Jets fans had to laugh through their tears! If you watched coach Rex Ryan's reaction, though, it appeared he said, "This is fucking unbelievable." The Daily News reports, "The Patriots somehow scored five second-quarter TDs despite possessing the ball for only 2 minutes, 14 seconds in the period. 'I thought that was almost impossible to do,' Ryan said. 'But they found a way to do it.'"

The NY Times, which noted that owner Woody Johnson refused interviews after the game, wrote:

The first, the interception by Gregory, Sanchez called “unfortunate.”

“Those things happen,” he said.

In fact, they do. It was his sixth turnover inside the opposition’s 25-yard line. And then a blooper reel exploded on the MetLife Stadium turf. It might have been the most horrific 12 minutes in Jets history. It was cover-your-children’s-eyes bad. If a newcomer to football had tuned into Thursday’s game in the second quarter, he might have turned it off — but not before someone more worldly told him that those 12 minutes summed up life as a Jets fan.

While Jets fans chanted for Tim Tebow after the Pats led 28-0, it turned out that Tebow had cracked ribs from Sunday's win over Seattle. The Post lowered the boom, "This was a Jets loss from the Rich Kotite era — a bumbling, embarrassing, humiliating thrashing from the Patriots that ruined the Thanksgiving of every Jets fan. What a bunch of turkeys."

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