Jake the Turkey

Last night, Gothamist went to check out the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Inflation Night up at West 77th and West 81st Streets off Central Park West. Newsday reports thousands went to check it out, and it did feel that way: It was a zoo of Thanksgiving Parade enthusiasts, tourists, and mainly tons of parents and children. Overheard, parent to child: "Big Bird is sleeping. He'll wake up in time for the parade!" and we only met up with rion after a few calls like "I'm trying to make my way past children, bunnies, and bears" - lots of festivities in the vicinity. Leading the parade, is Jake the Turkey.

Money makes the world go round

Political statement of the evening: Monopoly Man's money bag in front of pricey West 77th Street apartments.

Clifford and Monopoly Man

Clifford the Big Red Dog peers down the street.

Lil Bill

Little Bill is very deflated.

Wild Thing

A Wild Thing, netted.

It's Kermit the Frog

Kermit does not seem compromised from this angle.

Hello, Barney

At this size, Barney can fit about four small children in his mouth.

Rob Morrison

Hunky WNBC anchor Rob Morrison does a stand-up in front of Jake the Turkey.

More wonderful Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons at Bluejake and at rion.nu.