A man vacationing in China managed to alert police about a break-in at his Long Island home when he checked his webcam. And the alleged burglar was his ex-girlfriend.

The incident occurred in Hempstead. Newsday reports, "The unidentified 36-year-old man was remotely checking his home's security cameras about 9 p.m. Friday when he saw his ex-girlfriend enter the Hazelwood Drive residence, Nassau police said. As the homeowner watched in real time, the woman took a wireless, digital surveillance camera worth about $200 from the dining room, according to court documents."

A source told the Daily News, "She thought [taking the camera] would protect her identity."

The homeowner called the police, who found Tian Yun Gao "running out a side door." She was charged with second-degree burglary. However, Gao, who was out on conditional release, claimed innocence, telling the News, "It’s all made up by the police — I don’t know why," adding that she and her ex bought the camera together, "We are still good friends. I have permission to go to his house.”