A 76-year-old man who had been missing since Monday was found by a NY State Park Police K-9 dog at a Long Island nature preserve. Dr. Jerome Nadler had headed to the Caleb Smith State Park Preserve to fly-fish on Labor Day but never came back home. When police officers and the dog, named Chase, found him, Nadler joked that he had been sleeping, according to Newsday.

Newsday reports, "Chase, a 4-year-old German shepherd, along with K-9 officers William Krolikiewicz and Samuel Barreto, found Nadler just after noon Thursday in a clearing surrounded by brush and thickets, about 200 feet southeast of the Nissequogue River.
The officers said Chase first found a half-ounce bottle of a floatant, a gel used by fly fishermen to keep their lures, or flies, floating on the water. Then, 50 feet away, the dog found Nadler, the two officers said." K9 officer William Krolikiewicz said, "We just could not believe that this man was still alive," because it had been humid and rainy (2.25 inches of rain since Monday).

Nadler was covered in bug bites and suffered from exposure, but he was able to answer his name and knew where he was. His family issued a statement saying, "We would like to thank the New York State Forest Rangers, New York State Park Police, Suffolk County Police, including the K-9 and Marine Units, for their dedicated, untiring efforts to locate Jerome. We would especially like to acknowledge Chief Richard O’Donnell of the New York State Park Police, Capt. Bruce Marx of the New York State Park Police, Long Island District, and Sgt. Manuel M. Vilar of the New York State Park Police. We are also extremely grateful for the love, support and prayers of our friends, family, community, and the Chabad at Stony Brook during this difficult time."