Twenty-five years ago, 19-year-old Lissette Torres was found stabbed to death in a Brooklyn lot. The NY Times reported in 2010, "The end of her life merited a 19-word sentence in a newspaper article about the first 10 killings on Jan. 1, 1987. She was the eighth killing recorded that day. There was no mention of her name or her age." Yesterday, the police announced that they finally made an arrest.

The NYPD's Cold Case Squad has spent the past year and a half investigating the case and cops arrested registered sex offender Edwin Alcide, a 53-year-old East Village resident, and charged him with second-degree murder. According to DNAinfo, "Sources said Torres, who was stabbed numerous times, fought with her attacker, and that turned out to be the key that led to the arrest. Detectives recently took tissue samples recovered from under her fingernails and ran them again through the state’s DNA databank. The sample matched Alcaide, who was an acquaintance of Torres’ boyfriend when she went missing. Although he was questioned at the time and had scratches on his face, the NYPD did not charge him."

Back in 1987, police didn't have access to DNA testing. Alcaide been in prison numerous times: He has past convictions include attempted murder, rape and robbery.

Governor Cuomo has made a giant criminal DNA database a part of his platform.