Thanksgiving Mess

As we gear up for the holiday travel rush, or are already waiting out an airport delay, take notice that it will not be a pretty ride. Sorry to say that thee is a warm front saying hello from below that is bringing us a bit of rain. But when things get really interesting is when the "associated" cold front begins to move through early tomorrow.

Bottom line... rainy travel today with possibility of locally moderate downpours which could cause some problems on roads. If you are traveling in the suburbs or beyond, watch for leaves and other folliage that are piled near the sides of the road. Many towns have not yet collected them and wet leaves can have the same slippery effect as ice for a car. Winds will pick up and be gusty tonight and tomorrow, and we may even have some thunderstorms. A nice slightly unusual treat for Thanksgiving time.

If you are flying, the rain and possible storms could cause further delay to your travel plans. And may provide a bumpy flight at first. If you want to know what the current situation is at the local airports to gage your departure, here is a nice summary of wait times for security checkpoints, check-in counters, and some summary information.

If you are staying home to enjoy the holiday... good for you.