For crying out loud. Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, the chairmen of the 9/11 Commission which convened in May 2004, now say they didn't ask Rudy Giuliani "hard questions". The Daily News has excerpts of their book, Without Precedent: The Inside Story of the 9/11 Commission:

"It proved difficult, if not impossible, to raise hard questions about 9/11 in New York without it being perceived as criticism of the individual police and firefighters or ... Giuliani," they said.

"There were no questions posed to him about communication problems between police and firefighters in the towers, or why New York City had its emergency response command center in World Trade Center 7 after the complex had been the target of the 1993 terrorist attack," they wrote.

Giuliani's questioning is described as a low point of their probe, as panel members continually congratulated Giuliani on his handling of the devastation.

"We did not ask tough questions, nor did we get all of the information we needed to put on the public record. ... We did not question him in the same manner that we questioned other witnesses."

Okay, so people were yelling at the commission while Giuliani was questioned. But why have a commission, filled with supposedly practiced politicians willing to cut through the fat to get to the point, to see what happened during September 11, and not attempt to ask the questions? So they'd have something to write about in their book? Back during the commission, the NY Times' N.R. Kleinfeld did wonder if the commission retreated - now we know they did.

Oh, and speaking of September 11, even more toxins have been found on the Deutsche Bank roof, but didn't shut down demolition until a week after finding them. Way to go.