The sad truth for the MTA: People are less than thrilled for the discounted holiday Metrocards, buying less than the projected 250,000 cards the MTA set aside. Does this mean that the whatever discount the MTA doesn't have to pay down gets to stay with the MTA? And does this mean that a crappy ad campaign and an insignificant gesture from the MTA means very little to the average subway rider? Some people point to the fact that the discounted cards can only be purchased with cash as a problem, while some others say that the cards didn't represent that great a deal to riders. And then there's Assemblyman Richard Brodsky from Westchester who contends the discounts are illegal, since there were never any public hearings.

The holiday Metrocards would have given riders a few extra days of ridership. Of course, many people who tend to buy Metrocards cards might go out of time during the holidays, so why bother? And of course, Gothamist went out to get a holiday Metrocard, but that's because we're gullible. Did you buy one?