200712shovel.jpgThe Neighbors Project has created a way to Thank You For Shoveling, with a polite little card campaign.

Their website explains: "When you're trying to get somewhere during the winter -- work, bar, grocery store, gym, etc -- there's nothing more frustrating than being delayed because you're wading through inches of snow, or slipping and falling on the ice. It's a recipe for resentment on your block. So help spread the word about how much you love a snow- and ice-free sidewalk by requesting our unique 'Thank you for Shoveling' postcard-size cards." We can't really think of anyone deserving of these on our block, so maybe we'll hand some out with a touch of sarcasm as we slide down the sidewalk after the next snowfall. The cards are free, and you can read the message on the back of them, here.

The Neighbors Project itself is "a growing movement of a generation of people living in cities with ambition and energy to improve their neighborhoods." Forming last year in Chicago, the Project is currently establishing a Brooklyn operation.