It's the last moments of campaigning for the Mayor and his rival with the Amateur Salsa Dance team (they must have seen and loved Mad Hot Ballroom!) behind him. Expect Mike Bloomberg or Fernando Ferrer to pop up unexpectedly in your neighborhood this weekend, bearing bromides and media phalanxes. Mayor Bloomberg did, however, get the endorsement from the Mayor of Puerto Rico, which must burn Ferrer a little bit. With the polls showing that he has a crazy 25+ point lead over Ferrer, the Mayor is still making sure to remind people to go out and vote for him. Eh, if anything, go out and vote for the Transportation Bond Act. And also vote for your mayor, City Council person, Borough President, etc.

Gotham Gazette has its helpful Guide for the Last Minute Voter updated for the election. Oh, by the end of the campaign, Bloomberg will have , up from 8-to-1 three weeks ago - about 70 Bloomberg millions to Ferrer's $7.5 million.