2006_09_fdnyl.jpgIt was a normal Friday morning commute on the L train for many - until some substance caused the entire line to be shut down in both directions due to what the MTA's website calls a "police investigation."

We have heard a couple things. The last car of a Brooklyn-bound train at the Lorimer stop was cleared, though people were still in other parts of the train. A train conductor was overheard saying something about a woman choking, and maybe something "went off" at Third Avenue. The Fire Department responded to the Lorimer station and is investigating the situation. There might be another situation at either First Avenue or Third Avenue. It's unclear what's causing the situation - an unconfirmed report says it might be on the tracks - or where it is (just Brooklyn or both Brooklyn and Manhattan?). And it doesn't sound like anyone is seriously injured at this point.

Back in May, we had T.G.I. Broken-Down-L-Train Friday!

Update: There are reports that something was sprayed inside the subway car - possibly pepper spray.

Update: The MTA site says things are now running normally.

Update: Reader Dan has pictures of the scene at First Avenue; he says "I asked a fireman if there was a fire, and he asked me if I saw any sick people."


Top photograph of FDNY at Lorimer Street this morning from Tien Mao; bottom photograph of firefighters and waiting straphangers at First Avenue from machfive on Flickr