Are some of your co-workers straggling into work late? Are some of your friends mysteriously late in appearing on an instant messaging program - and all those friends happen to be the ones who live along the L? Reader Adam sent us this picture of the L train that broke down at the Montrose stop this morning: Basically a lot of smoke and angry people! When we asked Adam how he managed to get to work (did he wait for another train?), he said:

Luckily my roomates had friends in the city who drove us all to work.

The train could still be there for all I know - it was still there when I left...

I heard the conductor telling people to go back to Broadway Junction and catch an L on the other tracks... but that makes absolutely no sense to me!

Well, there is the A and J at Broadway Junction, but going back like nine stops to go to the A and J which go in totally other directions is crazy...unless the idea is to get the riders as far out, so by the time they go back towards Manhattan, the train is cleared up.

Were you caught by the broken-ass L this morning?