When Governor Cuomo pushed through his tougher texting-while-driving legislation last year he said it would be "enforced aggressively" and he wasn't kidding. A year later the number of tickets issued for the crime has soared from 4,569 between July 12, 2010 and July 12, 2011 to 20,958 in the same period last year. The jump in the five boroughs alone is even more impressive. Well, some of them.

In one year the number of tickets written in NYC for texting-while driving jumped from 1,996 to 11,387! But the NYPD doesn't seem to be ticketing equally for the crime, as the jump was much higher in some places. For example? In Brooklyn the number of tickets issued went from 540 to 3,234...while in Staten Island the number barely budged, going from 157 to 205. The borough with the most tickets issued was Manhattan, where the number increased from 807 to 3,714.

The Governor seems to think that the increase in tickets issued "demonstrates [the harsher law's] usefulness in helping our law enforcement authorities crack down hard on distracted driving." Which, sure. We can buy that the new laws, which increased the penalties for texting from two points to three points on a driver’s license and bumped the fine up to a potential $150, might be doing that.

But back to Staten Island. We can't believe that that borough, one of the most car-filled in the city, could have so few texting drivers. In fact, we're pretty sure that if you just monitored the EZPass cameras at the Verrazano Bridge you'd catch more than 205 texting drivers a day. After all, this is the borough where they so love texting they walk right into open manholes.