On November 1st, a new law banning texting or using electronic devices like iPods and laptops while driving goes into effect in New York State. But Senator Chuck Schumer announced yesterday at one of his patented Sunday press conferences that he's pushing for a nationwide ban on texting. Schumer cited data showing that text-messaging while driving has resulted in almost 100 teen deaths over the last five years in the city and on Long Island.

Some 30 states still have no laws prohibiting it, and Schumer told reporters, "With this uptick in texting and distracted driving has come a scary rise in teenage driving deaths and an increase in risk to everyone who shares the road with distracted drivers." And last week the Obama administration announced intentions to ban text messaging by interstate bus drivers and truckers. However, it's unclear whether the government wants to protect its citizens from themselves (lead example: Teen falls into manhole while texting.)