Today's weather looks like it could have been ripped out of a meteorology textbook. The hazy, hot and humid air mass of this morning will be replaced by a cool, calm, and congenial Canadian high pressure system this evening. The cold front between the two is likely to produce thunderstorms this afternoon as it plows through the unstable air. Before the rain arrives we should have mostly sunny skies and a high in the upper 80s. Watch out for rip currents if you're going out to the beach.

The thunderstorms are likely to be scattered and possibly severe. Be on the lookout for high winds, heavy rain and flash flooding from about mid-afternoon through the evening.

The Canadian air behind the front will bring several days of fair weather. Tomorrow will have a mix of sun and clouds with a high in the lower 80s. That trend will continue on Friday and Saturday. The winds should shift by Sunday, bringing some summer heat to the city. Look for highs near 90 on Sunday and even in the mid 90s by Monday. Yes we just typed "mid 90s".