Plot twist! The Texas man being investigated for sending ricin-filled letters to Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama isn't the one to blame: It was his scheming wife.

The Post reports that Shannon Rogers Guess was arrested by FBI agents Friday afternoon after officials determined that she'd set her husband up, having originally reported that she'd “found a Tupperware [container] with what looks like ricin in the refrigerator.”

Rogers Guess happens to be a small-time actress, known for her now irony-tinged roles in Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, House From Hell, and Drop Dead Diva.

The letters focused on Bloomberg's stance on gun control, reportedly conveying the message, "Anyone who comes for my guns will be shot in the face," according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

First Deputy Mayor Patti Harris, in an email to city employees, wrote that the ricin wasn't sophisticated enough to pose a threat to anyone who came in contact with it. “For [ricin] to be harmful, it needs to be inhaled, ingested or injected . . . The substance involved did not appear to be in a form that could be inhaled or otherwise readily ingested. Touching the envelope or letter should not be a risk," she wrote.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly emphasized again today that no one was injured by the incident.

"Fortunately, neither Mayor Bloomberg, President Obama, the director of the Mayors Committee Against Illegal Guns, nor those who processed the ricin-laced mail incurred serious illness or injury, in part because of safety measures already in place," he said in a statement.