Lower Manhattan is getting messy. Beyond the people who live and work there, and ignoring all those occupiers, 9/11 tourists are apparently overloading the areas bathroom and garbage can supply. And don't expect a fix coming anytime soon! We've known since May that there wouldn't be any bathrooms at the 9/11 Memorial until its sibling Museum opens next year, but it seems that no matter how much neighbors beg for them, there won't even be any Porta-Potties for the visitors in the meantime. Why? Because of the terrorists, of course.

"A bomb can easily be placed in a Porta-Potty," Pauline Yu, who does community outreach for the mayor, reportedly explained at a meeting last night before adding, "We don’t want Downtown to become one giant Porta-Potty."

So, yeah, no Porta-Potties coming to the 9/11 Memorial anytime soon. Tourists will just have to use the McDonald's with the occupiers (or just keep going to Trinity church, as they apparently have been). In a related issue, neighbors are still pissed that the city removed the trash cans near the entrance to the Memorial before it opened because of security risks. But, you guessed it, those aren't coming back any time soon either. At least the Tribute WTC Visitor Center on Liberty Street is trying to have large groups meet inside rather than on the street and, uh, the city is going to "look into managing the pedestrian traffic flow so that it does not inconvenience or endanger residents." Progress?