New York lawyer Lynne Stewart was convicted of federal charges that she aided terrorist Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman in his activities yesterday. Stewart, a well-known "radical" lawyer, was accused of smuggling messages to the imprisoned Rahman's followers and lying to the authorities about the extent of her actions. The trial lasted three months, and deliberations ran two weeks. Stewart is going to appeal the verdict. She cried on the steps of the courthouse, and said, "I hope this will be a wake-up call to all the citizens of this country, that you can't lock up the lawyers, you can't tell the lawyers how to do their jobs." Hmm, that might be the precise problem that many people have with lawyers - that they can't be locked up.

Newsday has reactions from a number of city lawyers, most of whom believe this will make lawyers think twice about who they defend. And as to be expected, the Post brands Lynne Stewart the terror traitor.