An Obama official confirmed rumors yesterday that the administration is dropping Manhattan as the trial site for alleged terrorists who helped plan 9/11. The wind-down began earlier this week when Mayor Bloomberg started whining about the cost of the trials, while simultaneously announcing massive cuts to the city’s budget including to its jobs sector. The trials—which he once hailed as a powerful symbol for New Yorkers—would cost $1 billion, more than the cash-strapped city can afford. Soon, community boards, downtown residents and Gov. Paterson all withdrew support, and now Obama lackeys say he’s “considering other options.”

But what are these other options exactly? And could the terror circus still be coming to a town near us? Well, lower Manhattan is out because of security costs and the shut-down the trials would force on Wall Street, reported the NY Times. However, finding a new venue may be a bit tricky, since Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and his accomplices can’t be tried any old place. "Wherever conspiratorial activity occurred, you can charge a conspiracy," attorney Joshua Dratel told the NY Daily News.

Technically, the caveat limits trial locations to the Southern District of New York, the Eastern District of Virginia or the Western District of Pennsylvania, though Florida—where some of the accused plotters learned to fly—could also be on the table, as could Boston and Newark where the men boarded their tower-bound planes. So, though the expensive, potentially drawn-out trials won’t be coming to Foley Square—the chances of New York holding them are still fair to good. Governor’s Island has been floated, as have White Plains and Newburgh, upstate. They could even go to the Bronx.