Now that Denver-area resident Najibullah Zazi may be admitting ties to Al Qaeda (apparently he met with some Al Qaeda operatives while in Pakistan) just a week after visiting Queens—prompting the FBI and NYPD to raid homes—the Daily News says apparently seven men attempted to "rent the biggest truck at a Queens U-Haul on Sept. 9."

One of the men named by the U-Haul employees allegedly includes Naiz Kahn, who gave Zazi a place to stay in Queens; the News reports, "The truck rental bid failed when none of the men could produce a valid credit card. All refused to surrender the identification needed to pay cash." U-Haul manager Robert Larson said of the FBI's arrival, "I was wondering, 'Where is Ashton Kutcher to tell me I've been punked?' [But then] I realized this is crazy, this is real, it's not a joke." Another man suspected of trying to rent the van said he was innocent, "I will help the authorities. We have nothing to hide."

As for NYC safety, the Department of Homeland Security's note said, "While DHS and FBI have no information regarding the timing, location or target of any planned attack, we believe it is prudent to remind transit authorities to remain vigilant."

Update: apparently FASHION WEEK may have been one of their targets!