Three of the four men who were arrested for allegedly plotting to plant bomb outside two Bronx synagogues and shoot planes at a National Guard base in Newburgh, NY were charged with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction within the United States and conspiracy to acquire and use anti-aircraft missiles. James Cromitie, 55; David Williams, 28; and Onta Williams, 32 appeared in court and were held without bail; assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Snyder said, "It's hard to envisage a more chilling plot to bring murder to a These are extremely violent men. These people who are eager to bring death to Jews."

Snyder also added that the men, along with Laguerre Payen (a Haitian immigrant who will be arraigned later) were "disappointed...that the best target (the World Trade Center) was hit already." Apparently Cromitie wanted see the destruction on TV and say, "I'm the one who did that," and that Williams [was] bragging, boasting he would shoot anyone who tried to stop them." The four suspects were arrested in the Bronx last night, after planting a 37-pound bomb, which was actually made of fake materials. The NY Times reports, "Police officers swooped in and broke the windows on the suspects' black sport utility vehicle."

Cromitie, Williams and Williams are all American-born; they and Payen are described as Muslims and all lived in Newburgh. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said this morning, "They stated that they wanted to commit jihad. They were disturbed about what was happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan, that Muslims were being killed. They were making statements that Jews were killed in this attack and that would be all right — that sort of thing."

Cromitie, allegedly the leader, has 27 arrests in NYC and NY State; his sister told reporters that he wasn't Muslim as far she as she knew (she last spoke to him two years ago), but "they do a little time in jail and they don’t eat pork no more." She also said of her brother, "Right now, to me he’s, like, the dumbest person I ever came in contact with in my life." A neighbor of Onta Williams' expressed shock to WCBS 2, "I was with Onta on Tuesday - you know, we were just drinking beers, doing normal things that people do. I just can't believe that a friend of mine would try to hurt people in the United States."

Officials have emphasized that the men were not working with any other terror groups and that they were independent. Governor Paterson said, "I applaud the efforts of the FBI, the New York Police Department, the New York State Police and other participating investigative agencies in bringing this case to a successful resolution. This case clearly illustrated that the threat of terrorism in New York is persistent... At no time was anyone in danger." And Mayor Bloomberg said, "Sadly, we are reminded peace is fragile, democracy is fragile and we have to be vigilant all the time."