Sigh. Chatter and other tips are causing officials to say the U.S. may be targeted with a terror attack this summer. We know that these warnings are are important for the public, but these stories comes the ones that talk about how NY is what terrorists want to hit. And in the words of a friend (who was remarking on the film, The Day After Tomorrow), "Devastating New York? Hasn't that been done before?"

Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly "downplayed" the warnings, stressing that NYC is on a heightened state of alert (High, compared with rest of the nation's Elevated). This is one of Gothamist's favorite facts: New York has been legally High for almost three years. Anyway, Comissioner Kelly said, "We're at a higher state of readiness than the rest of the country; we're doing a variety of things and we're going to continue to do those. You'll see some different variations of different tactics we're using. But in essence we're using the same resources that we have in the past." Mayor Bloomberg added that New Yorkers should just go about their business and that the police and government will worry and take care of things, his attitude being, if some want to worry, it's up to you.