Again, after a beautiful weekend, New Yorkers wake up to terror news, it's just that today it seems terrorists had been targetting tourist helicopters and limousines to use as ways to attack the city. A number of arrests and raids in Britain and Pakistan lead intelligence officials to believe this, though the NY Times says that helicopter companies in NYC hadn't heard anything. Gothamist was intrigued by the use of limousines, because, as WNYC said this morning, limousines are rarely questioned, and there are a ton of them (or at least the Lincoln Town car from the car service) outside of financial bulidings, just waiting for people to come down.

And in resposnse to criticism about freaking out Americans with terror alerts, Police Commmissioner Kelly said the government is obligated to tell us, but that NYers aren't necessarily in more danger, versus right after September 11, 2001: "I think the threat is fairly constant. I don't think it necessarily goes up and down or diminishes very much."

Time magazine looks at "Al-Qaeda in America" in this week's cover story; you need registration for the article, but there are some interesting interactive elements, like "Tracking Terrorists." And Gothamist was looking for a better way to link to this, but it is about tourist helipcopters: Kottke took some beautiful pictures from a tourist helicopter around Manhattan. We can only suggest you take a look and enjoy them.