2008_06-bmwdam.jpgWhen buildings attack! Yesterday, a 50-pound piece of "decorative terracotta" fell onto a BMW parked outside a Tudor City Place building. (When buildings are telling drivers to park in car parks?)

Jalopnik editor Ray Wert happens to live in the building and took photographs of the seriously damaged car (pictured). If the chunk o'building could do this much damage to a car, it's a good thing no one was hurt! A note was left in the windshield, asking the car's owner to call East Coast Restoration. When the Post called the company, ECR said, "You must have the wrong number, we do not have a project there."

That's probably news to the Department of Buildings, which said ECR and another company, Consulting Corp., were repairing the facade. There's a stop work order on the building now.