Michael Dion, the man who wound up crushed between a 4 train and the extendable platform at the Union Square station on Friday, is still in critical condition and unconscious at Bellevue Hospital's surgical intensive-care unit, and now the Post has some horrifying photos of the ordeal. They were taken by witness Mike Day, who at least attempted to help free Dion before snapping the shots. Day says, "He kept saying it was hurting—he was conscious. "Every time they tried to pull him, he was like, 'Stop, stop. It hurts too much.'"

Day said he and a few other witnesses attempted to pry him out, and "one guy even tried to put a box in between to wedge it open. But he couldn't move it." Another witness said, "All those little ridges were in his stomach." Dion was stuck for about half an hour; it took 20 minutes for a contractor who knew how to work the extender's hydraulics to arrive, and another 10 minutes for the contractor to release the platform. The MTA said it was investigating the incident, but it's unclear why there wasn't an MTA worker around who knew how to release the hydraulics.

Dion is reportedly a small-time actor, noted on IMDB for his roles in Vacationland and Against The Ropes. Cops previously said they didn't know how he fell between the train and the platform, but suspect he may have been drinking before the incident.